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NGS Navigators: We're Phenomenal!

Feb 20, 2020

Meet executive director of Stem 4 Real, Dr. Leena Bakshi. She shares with us the growth of Stem 4 Real and the important services they provide,
“we realized also that in order for us to really be part of a movement, we wanted to take on professional learning, teacher training school systems, and really look at it in terms of how can we combine instructional curriculum materials, pedagogy, in a way that looks at the intersection of equity and social justice and then robust STEM education at the same time.” Her energy and passion for her work shines through. Be sure to check out the shownotes, and follow Leena on Twitter.

Dr. Bakshi will also be presenting at NSTA in April. Check out the show notes for more details. Shownotes at for links to resources. 

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